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1 2 Buckle My Shoe Preschool offers a warm and nurturing environment where children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.


My curriculum uses both age appropriate and individually appropriate activities that include writing and language development, problem-solving,manipulatives,art, music, science and physical exercise.


I believe in teaching through hands on exploration. We do daily cooking, art creative play and a little farming. 


We do monthly field trips and seasonal events. Fieldtrips include monthly themes. 




THEME: Polar Animals- (Ice) Harp Seal


SPARK: Have children watch a short video of a baby seal on ice.


LEARNING CIRCLE: Learn all about the life cycle of a harp seal.


DISCOVERy: Ice Fishing…Prepare paper cut-outs of fish.  Make the fish all different sizes and colors. Place a paper clip on each fish.  Put the fish in a box with a hole in the top.  The children are going to go ice fishing.  Place a magnet on a string to fish with. Have the children describe the fish that they catch.


CREATIVE ART: Seal Craft (Water Color)


MUSIC: I’ve Got Whiskers…I’ve got whiskers, long front flippers! I’ve got ear flaps; can you tell me what I am? (CHILDREN RESPOND: Sea Lion!) I’ve got whiskers, long white tusks. Lots of blubber, Can you tell me what I am? (CHILDREN RESPOND:  Walrus!)Bounce like jelly, on my belly. You won’t hear me; can you tell me what I am? (CHILDREN RESPOND: Seal!)On the ice, I will bellow Near the North Pole; can you tell me what I am? (CHILDREN RESPOND: Walrus!)I’ve got whiskers, Short front flippers. Got no ear flaps, can you tell me what I am?   (CHILDREN RESPOND: Seal!) Walk on all fours, on rocky shores. Barking loudly, Can you tell me what I am?   (CHILDREN RESPOND: Sea Lion!)


SHAPE: (Rectangle) Shape Puzzles.


COLOR: (Blue) Stamping blue Qq’s.


LETTERS: Qq, Stamping and Rr handwriting worksheet.


LITERACY /LANGUAGE: Alphabet & Number poems.


MATH: (Number 6) Animal sorting worksheet.


COOKING: Bake homemade cheddar fish crackers.


STORy: Arctic Babies.


GAME:  Arctic Animal Bingo.


My goal is to play a supportive role in creating an environment in which all children feel welcome, successful, and safe.


Tobin said, "I can't wait to go to my very special school today!"

Raschelle Stangeland


Rynn has been saying all week that he can't wait until he can start going to " My Riendeer school and make apple pie and things with all my friends." 



My daughter went to her first day today,she absolutley loved it!

She keeps talking about how much fun she had today doing projects, making new friends and baking. She loves her new teacher Mrs. Noel!

Lauren Peterson



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 Teaching Kindergarten preparation
through hands on exploration. We do daily cooking, art and creative play. A happy place where every child grows...
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Located: South Hill Puyallup WA
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